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Freeskates World Competition 2023 / Street


 Competitors skate 3 times each. The highest score out of the 3 runs will determine the ranking.


1. Competitors will skate one time from the start until 45 seconds have elapsed.  Each competitor will compete one at
a time per run, taking turns. If you fail, you can continue.

2. If a competitor is using a obstacle of the course when the 45-second buzzer sounds, that trick will also be scored.

3. Five judges will score from 0.00 to 60 points. The average of the remaining 3 out of 5 judges’ scores, omitting the highest and lowest scores, will be the record.

4. In case of a tie, the second highest score will be used to compare and rank the entries.

Judging criteria (order of priority) / Highest point

1. Difficulty / 20.00 points
 Difficulty of the trick

2. Skating / 20.00 points
 Quality of tricks and skating
 Style (height and distance of jumps, cleanness of landings)

3. Utilizing a variety of the course / 20.00 points
 Use of many sobstacles

4. Point deductions based on degree of failure
 Small : Hands and feet on the ground / -1 point per time
 Medium : Losing balance and get off skates / -3 points per time
 Large : Losing balance and falling / -5 points per time