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Freeskates World Competition 2023 / Sprint


 Compete for a distance of 30m. 


1. Start with the front foot set between the start line and the set line (25cm before the start line) and the back foot
with the toe or heel on the ground. Both need to be stationary. Time will be measured from the start line to the finish line (30m away).

2. Stop completely within the 1-meter square finish area at the goal line. If the wheels, feet, or hands touch the ground outside the goal area, it will be a failure (No record).

3. Three attempts will be made. Competitors will race one at a time, in turn. The top five will make three more attempts each. The fastest time out of six will determine the ranking.

4. If the front foot moves backwards at the start and the front wheel touches the set line, it will be considered a fault. The first time will be a warning, and the second time will be a disqualification.

5. In the case of equal times, the second fastest time will be used to compare and rank the competitors.