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Freeskates World Competition 2023 / Game of SKATE

  • Game of SKATE

    This is a one-on-one tournament game in which the first and second teams are chosen to attack each other with tricks.
    First, the Attacker and Defender are decided by rock-paper-scissors. The Attacker performs only one trick. If the Attacker successfully lands a trick, the Defender attempts the same trick. If the Defender succeeds, the Attacker plays another trick and the game continues. If the Defender fails, the Defender gets ×. If the Attacker fails a trick, the Attacker and Defender switch roles. If the Attacker fails a trick, no × is given. The player with five × loses the game. The Defender with 4 × can try the final trick twice.


1. Tricks that are just spinning, sliding, or reaching the ground with arms and legs are prohibited because they make judging ambiguous.

2. To ensure fairness, tricks other than those that have been uploaded on SNS, etc. and publicly recognized by March 31, 2023 will not be allowed.

3. Tricks must be performed with both feet on the freeskates and end with both feet on the freeskates. Tricks must be performed in a single shot. However, tricks that end with the feet crossed over will be considered as one trick until the feet are uncrossed.

4. If the feet touch the ground before or after the trick, the trick will be considered a failure. However, if the shoes scrape the ground due to the nature of the trick, the judges will decide whether it is OK or not.

5. The judges will give the OK after confirming that the competitor is in a stable position before giving the OK. If the competitor’s feet or body touch the ground before the OK is given, the trick will be considered a failure.

6. Regular (goofy) tricks and switch tricks, tricks performed with the front foot and tricks performed with the back foot are distinguished. Stomping hands are not distinguished between left and right.

7. If after a trick, the player goes in the opposite direction from the direction he/she was going before the trick, the trick is considered a failure.

8. If the decision is too close to call, the judges will order a redo.

9. Both the Attacker and Defender can only try a trick once. (Except for the Defender with four)

10. If the Defender mistakenly does a trick that is different from the Attacker, the Defender can reattempt, but the second attempt will be considered a failure.

11. Cross, one-footed and normal skating are not considered tricks.

12. Tricks that are impossible to succeed due to differences in skate shape will be prohibited.

13. Any other problems that may occur during the competition will be decided by the judges and organizers.

14. Skates that have been modified, or special skates even if they have not been modified, are not allowed. Only
normal edge guards may be worn, which will be checked by the judges before the competition.


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